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Cooking Duck as a Delicious Alternative to Chicken

Duck can be intimidating to cook especially for first timers. It’s not surprising as duck dishes are often fancy and associated with difficult-to-pronounce terms like l’orange, Magret du Canard, or Duck a la Presse. However, the duck does not have to scare you. If you love home cooking, duck can be a simple and sumptuous change of pace, especially if you love to cook chicken.

While duck does not taste like chicken, it has something common with conventional poultry. In fact, you can repurpose a lot of your chicken recipes using duck and the same method.  When cooking duck, just ensure you choose a quality bird. Duck can be available frozen or by the piece or whole. Duck is not expensive. In fact, it can be comparable in price to a whole chicken.

What Does Duck Taste Like

The perfect duck is fresh and frozen as well as plump, juicy, and meaty. When you compare its flavour with chicken, you will find that duck has a more complex and stronger flavour. Some people say the flavour of duck is like a cross between turkey and chicken. Moreover, a duck has more fats than chicken. This makes it juicier and more flavourful. Also, the meat is darker all through the bird.

How to Cook Perfect Duck

Cooking duck can be done in two ways which are fairly easy. The whole bird can be roasted as you would roast chicken or cut up and cooked in pieces. Look for a good roasted duck recipe online. If you prefer to cook a whole duck, rub it with oil and spices and stuff an orange inside its cavity. Let the bird sit on a rack in a roasting pan to let its fat drip off. Set the duck to roast and serve it with a delicious sauce on the side. You can use the leftovers for your pasta recipes, tacos, and salads.

You can cut the duck pieces at home in the same way you would take a chicken apart. After cutting up the meat, sear or roast the breasts. In fact, you can slice and sauté the breast to toss with pasta. You can roast the legs just as they are or shred the meat over salads.

There are many other ways to cook duck perfectly. When your research online, you also get to learn why you must serve the meat rare. As you strive for perfection, you can also have fun experimenting with new foods including duck.

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