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Five Characteristics of Great Sushi

At first glance, you may think that sushi seems like a food that anyone can make. After all, it is just a glob of rice topped with a slice of fish and some vegetables. However, mastering sushi can take many years and even sushi masters are still learning. Just like other great foods, great sushi is not easy to define. However, there are characteristics of great sushi:

Quality Rice

With sushi rolls, the rice quality and the way it is cooked is essential. The best variety of sushi rice is Koshihikari rice because it is short-grained which keeps moisture for longer. Also, its light and springy texture makes this variety not too dense. Sushi restaurants will cook their sushi rice in a way that is sticky enough to stick together when customers bring the sushi in their mouth.

High-Grade Nori

Did you know that not all seaweed is the same? There are different varieties and multi-grades of nori which are determined by the harvest. Each harvest, the first crops tends to be the freshest and highest quality. As the plant produces for another batch of seaweeds, the quality declines with every harvest. Thus, restaurants that offer the best sushi menu uses first harvest nori.

Fish that Doesn’t Smell Fishy

The fish used in sushi should not smell like a fish market. Restaurants will neutralize the fishy smell by sprinkling vinegar on top of the fish before serving it. Fish that are too moist can be added with salt to decrease the moisture level. The best sushi has bright, firm, shiny, and clean tasting fish that is not greasy at all.

Perfectly Made Rolls

After preparing and cutting the ingredients to size, it will then be about the rolling technique and how to keep everything together. The best sushi is not packed too tightly. The individual grains of rice must still be visible instead of clumped together.

Awesome Presentation

Just like other Japanese foods, the presentation matters in terms of how sushi will appeal to customers. The best sushi restaurants will cut their sushi pieces neatly and in bite-sizes. These pieces are arranged elegantly on the plate making them more attractive to eat than they already are. But, this is only when dining at a restaurant. Those who prefer to take sushi rolls away for a quick lunch may have to use their imagination. But, the rolls should be intact and cut cleanly.

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