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Helping Your Restaurant To Grow During The Pandemic

Hospitality is one of the industries that has been massively affected by the global pandemic, and it is a worrying time for many restaurant owners. If you own a restaurant and your profits have been affected by the pandemic, you will want to streamline your operation and look at ways you can increase sales without spending too much money. Below are some tips to help you with this that can turn your business around and help remove some stress and worry.

Check The Price Of Your Suppliers

Many people will get complacent when running a restaurant and use the same supplier because they are reliable. However, you may be able to make a significant saving on procuring the food and ingredients you need for your business by shopping around. It is sometimes better to use multiple suppliers than relying on one for everything you can buy, and going direct to companies such as a sweet chilli sauce distributor can save you money. Shop around for what you need to purchase and you can save money without reducing the quality of the food you supply.

Consider Adding A takeaway Option

If your restaurant does not already offer a takeaway option, you may wish to consider offering it, which can help increase sales. You can ask people to call with their orders and collect them when their food is ready. You may also wish to consider a delivery option, but this can be expensive to set up if you do not already offer this service.

Join A Delivery App

If you cannot afford to set up a delivery service yourself, you can consider joining one of the food delivery platforms that can help increase your sales and profits. There are various platforms you can consider joining, such as Grab Food, and they take care of the marketing and delivery of your food, and they also take the orders and forward them on to you. All you need to do is prepare your delicious food and wait for the driver to come and collect it.

Offer A Cook Yourself Option

Many quality restaurants worldwide that have been hit hard by the pandemic have found a new revenue stream by supplying the ingredients and instructions for customers to cook their food themselves. They order what dishes they want, and you provide the ingredients and deliver these to them using standard delivery options. Whether you provide deluxe gourmet burgers or delicious red Thai curry, some people want to buy everything they need to make these dishes in one go and with instructions from a restaurant that specialises in delicious food.

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