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Here is How to Handle Your Office Happy Hour like a Pro

So, you have been invited by your colleagues to join them on an after work happy hour in Wynwood. You might have skipped a few invitations before because of being uncomfortable by getting drunk in front of your boss, but know that by not going, you will be missing many opportunities. This article lists the best way of handling your after office happy hour like a pro.

  1. Relax

After work everyone tends to loosen up, even your boss, so don’t be surprised. You should feel free to do the same. If you get socially anxious, get a glass of something to loosen yourself up by a bit.

  1. But don’t over relax

Surely, you can loosen up, but keep in mind that you have to meet these people at work tomorrow again. So, never over share. Never groove up your favorite 90s moves on the stage and never show the people your tattoo or your scar. It is advisable to act 50 percent as silly as your boss is acting. If people around you aren’t paying heed to this rule, it is their problem and understand that they will regret it later.

  1. Just don’t get drunk

Just take a drink or two and enjoy them very responsibly. If you can feel your reflexes slowed down or if you hear yourself slurring, drink a glass of water. The gist is to staying relaxed and in control at the same time. If you strive gaining control, then it is the right time to learn, this may come in handy in many cases. No matter how tough the crowd is, keep in mind that the one that pukes on other’s shoes is never forgotten.

  1. Don’t talk shop

You barely know them and you are wanting to know them, so you believe that you guys have nothing in common but work. So, try conversing on the topic that is not related to your job. You may find many common subjects to talk on. And know that nobody wants to talk about work when they are just here to relax and loosen up.

  1. Never flirt

Just stray away from this subject entirely. No matter even if you are getting a vibe from them, refrain yourself from doing that. Know that nothing ever good results in from a hooking up with your colleagues.

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