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How to Eat at a Restaurant if you are Health-Conscious

Eating seafood can be satisfying, especially when you eat it at a great location. But, if you are visiting a seafood restaurant for the first time, some expert guide can help you make the most of out of your visit. Seafood restaurants are a great place if you are conscious about your health and want to enjoy a meal. Here are some friendly tips to help you go about eating seafood healthily at a Tucson Seafood Restaurant:

Begin with a Salad

If you are not alone, enjoy the conversation and company around you instead of paying attention to the breadbasket. If you are ordering a round of appetizers, choose a colorful veggie salad with a vinaigrette dressing or vinegar on the side. This should be enough to deal with the hunger for very little calories. Also, vegetables are the perfect match for the fish you might be ordering later.

Try the Raw Bar

The majority of items from the raw bar are great bets. You will usually find items like oysters, shrimp cocktail, and clams that are low in calories and high in protein. Keep in mind that cocktail sauce is low in calorie but high in sugar and salt so eat it in moderation. Most people prefer a squirt of fresh lemon and a dash of Tabasco sauce over a cocktail sauce.

Ignore the Chowder

Consider staying away from heavy, creamy soups such as fish or clam chowder or lobster bisque because they have unwanted calories. Instead, choose broth-based soups laden with vegetables. But, because there are many other low-calorie seafood appetizers available at restaurants, it’s best to skip having soup altogether. In case you cannot resist chowder, just order a small cup.

Choose Healthy Entree

The majority of seafood restaurants provide a broad arrange of whole fish or fillets they can prepare in any way you want. When ordering fish, have it grilled, roasted, or broiled, or baked. Seafood is lean and offers great amounts of protein.

Eat Fried Food in Moderation

Because you are at a seafood restaurant and looking to make the best of your first-time experiences, you may want to munch on some of their fried options. Although nutritionists may suggest avoiding them altogether, a small amount of them won’t hurt you. After all, you share the food with your group, thus, it doesn’t go to waste. For sure, you cannot stop yourself from trying calamari and fried fish, and chips.

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