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Interesting Facts You Should Know About Miami’s Wynwood Neighborhood

Wynwood one of the most happening areas of Miami is world famous for its colorful murals on the walls. All the paintings are contributed by the well acclaimed street artists changing the entire street walls into unique art galleries. Few decades back Wynwood was well known for its industrial sector. Times changed and now it has become a popular tourist paradise as there are lots of exciting things to do in Wynwood Miami.

More about the past of Wynwood Neighborhood:

In the beginning of 19th century, the barren farm land was changed to be an industrial sector, thus the place was hub of commercial activities. People employed in well-known industries like Coco cola settled in Wynwood. The place gradually became most populous place as there were hundreds of garment factories and other industries all in the limelight of prosperity.

However, Wynwood saw darker side in the beginning of 1970s continuing till the end of the century. It was because of overcrowding by miscreants that led people to vacate and settle in neighborhood places. Wynwood once again become the centre of attraction in the beginning of the 20th century. This change can be attributed to the efforts of famous real estate developer Tony Goldman. He changed the abandoned warehouses to most desirable places as they become open air art galleries. The walls of the warehouses become large plain canvas to paint murals.

In the year 2009 the avenues of Wynwood changed totally and became a popular site that no artist wanted to miss out. Today, there are several restaurants and other entertainment establishments enhancing the look of multicolor streets.

Here are few things you can’t miss while visiting Wynwood:

  • Wynwood walls – The walls are of six huge buildings all painted attractively and worthy enough to video shoot or take snaps.
  • Museums – The ware house interiors have turned to be great museums presenting art collections of world-famous artists and art collectors. Totally, different than other art collection galleries thus sure to be a unique experience for you.
  • Eateries – Wynwood is great place where you will find multicuisine restaurants, bakeries, cafes, street food joints and of course great bars.

If you are planning to visit Wynwood neighborhood then don’t forget to visit the site to gain more information about the place. Hope you have a great time when you visit the art galleries of Wynwood.

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