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Making A Homemade Sriracha Mayo Sauce For Your Barbecue

When planning a barbecue for friends and family this summer, you will want to offer a wide selection of foods and condiments to satisfy your guests’ hunger. Rather than having the standard sauces at your barbecue, such as ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, and mayonnaise, you may want to spice things up a little and include something different. An excellent option for you is Sriracha mayo sauce, which you can easily make at home and give the food at your barbecue a pleasant kick. Below you will find the Sriracha mayo sauce ingredients and instructions on how to make it, and you can create a unique and delicious sauce for your barbecue that everyone loves.

Gathering The Ingredients

You have a few options for making this delicious condiment for your barbecue. If you have time, you can make the mayonnaise and Sriracha sauce yourself at home, but you can also buy it from your local supermarket if time is not available, and it can taste just as good. You will need:

  • One Cup of Mayonnaise
  • Two Tablespoons of Sriracha Sauce
  • Two Tablespoons of Fresh Lime Juice
  • One Quarter Teaspoon of Salt

You can buy your favourite brand of mayonnaise for this sauce and do the same for the Sriracha sauce if you want to. Once you have all the ingredients you require, you can combine them to make your condiment that will be a resounding success at your barbecue.

Mixing The Sriracha Mayo

Put the mayonnaise into a bowl, add the Sriracha sauce, and mix this thoroughly. You will now want to add the fresh lime juice to the mixture, and the salt, ensuring you use a finer salt rather than a coarse grain. The fresh lime juice will help to counter the spiciness of the Sriracha sauce, so try the mixture and if it needs more of a kick, add more Sriracha or another hot sauce to it. Once you get the taste perfect, put it into a suitable container and store it in the fridge until you are ready to use it.

Suitable For Many Different Foods

You can now enjoy your Sriracha mayo sauce with many different foods, including potatoes, burgers, hotdogs, salads, and chicken. You can try this delicious sauce on anything you eat at your barbecue, and you may have a few people asking you for its recipe. Keep the spiciness low, and it is a condiment suitable for all tastes at your next barbecue.

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