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Need Temporary Liquor License In Florida? Check This Guide!

Getting a beverage license for your special event in Florida can be a confusing and complicated process. There are just too many forms to be completed, and the number of licenses is also huge to choose. Depending on the event you are arranging, you have to determine the kind of license required. In this post, we are discussing the basics about getting a temporary liquor license Florida.

Types of limited licenses in Florida

There are one, two, three-day permit for non-profit civic organizations in Florida that you can consider, and there is also license for Temporary Extension Of Premises. For these permits, you need to submit the applications, after filling all the details, to Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco. The first kind of permit, for one, two, or three days, is only issued to non-profit organizations. You can get as many as three permits per year, but this can be higher for some cities. If you are an existing licensee, you can ask for Temporary Extension Of Premises, which basically means that you want to extend the existing licenses outside the current premises for a special event.

What’s required for getting Florida alcohol license?

Besides the application, you need to give six additional documents. The first one is called the zoning approval, which is required to prove that you have the permission to hold the event. The permit is to be obtained from local zoning board. This is only required for One, Two or Three-Day Permits. You must also furnish proof of Legal Registration, with an event space diagram. The event space diagram should include everything related to the premises, including outside areas, through sketches. Other documents that are required include Certification of Sales Tax, Affidavit of Application, and the complete application.

Seek help for alcoholic beverage licensing

If you are not sure of how to get things going for your event, consider seeking professional help for alcoholic beverage licensing. There are licensing brokerage firms, which can take care of the intensive paperwork, so that you can focus on the event concerned. Even for restaurants and organizations that organize special events from time to time, hiring these firms is useful for getting licenses. These firms understand how alcohol licensing and other requirements work in Florida, and you can always ask questions related to their expertise and how they plan to help your organization.

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