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Ordering Pizza And Beer On The Weekend? Check These Options!

Who doesn’t love pizza! The gooey cheese with loaded toppings – Pizza is the ultimate comfort food, combined with chilled beer. On a boring Saturday evening, you could simply order some pizza and beer and enjoy the day with friends. The good news is you can request for Phoenix beer delivery online even from pizzerias. We know there are endless choices when it comes to pizzas, but we wanted to share a few choices that are not very obvious. Here’s what you need to try in pizza this weekend!

Sicilian Pizza

Don’t be confused – Sicilian Pizza is also called sfincione. It is a cut of pizza that has this heavy but crunchy crust with loads of tomato sauce. Sicilian Pizza is square in share, and may not have any cheese at all! The popularity of this pizza soared after the Second World War. The toppings include tomato, with onion and anchovies, and most people will use a generous dose of herbs for that extra flavor. Not all restaurants serve this pizza, so find one that’s really popular!

Greek Pizza

Immigrants from Greece made the Greek Pizza popular in the US. The crust of the Greek Pizza is usually thick and almost deep fried, because the pizza is cooked in pans. The crust may feel like a lot chewy that way, but is not very thick as compared to the Sicilian pizza. In terms of inclusions, the sauce is more preferred than extra cheese, and tomato and oregano flavors are rather strong. You will find toppings like olives, onion, but the best Greek Pizza is the one that has nothing but cheese.

California Pizza

If you are fan of pizza but prefer all sorts of ingredients than standard fare, California Pizza is the one you need. The concept of traditional toppings doesn’t really apply to this pizza. You can find mustard, pate or something as simple as pepper. The idea of California Pizza is variety, so every restaurant has its own variety and style, so you need to try as many options as possible. The crust can be either thin or thick, depending on what you like.

Most eateries that deliver beer with pizza often has a minimum order, so check in advance, and make sure that you place your order in time, because you wouldn’t want to wait on a weekend. Check online now to find more on eateries that accept online orders!

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