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Reasons Why People Love Japanese Food

Other than being a beautiful country, Japanese cuisine is one of the most loved cuisines in the world. Historically, it might be influenced by Chinese cuisine, but in the modern era, Japanese cuisine has opened up to even influence from Western cuisines as well.

In Japan, food is a big business, you can make out by just looking at the number of F&B outlets, bento box retailers, amazing snack outlets, and concessionaries across the country. If you visit a major city around the world, you would definitely find several reputable and excellent Japanese restaurants like Tokyo Tina at Windsor in Australia.

So, most of you must be wondering by now, what is so special about Japanese dining?

Here are a few reasons to what makes Japanese cuisine so special and loved:

  • Superb service

In Japan, mostly all cafes and restaurants offer good service, irrespective of their sizes. They could be as small as 20-seater noodle joints or sushi bars to massive sprawling restaurants. Besides being welcomed with an enthusiastic greeting when you enter, waitresses and waiters are often super-attentive to your needs. Many sushi chefs would even cater particularly to diner’s requests, subject to meeting their standard of quality, of course.

  • Outstanding aesthetics

Japanese cuisine is one of the few cuisines that is beautifully presented all around the world. They give a lot of importance to packaging and presentation, as you could make out, how amazingly laid out dishes such as sushi, sashimi, ramens, rice, and udons dishes are prepared.

  • State-of-art technology

From food manufacturing to conveyor, packaging, and design, there are few countries around the globe that can even beat Japan in the best use of technology. The technology part is used just for the dimensions of food, where the human hand is not required to make sure quality or taste. You could notice in the case at sushi restaurants that slicing of fish, making of each piece of sushi, and cooking of rice, are still done using hands.

  • Drama & theatricality

Japanese food is not only about taste but its food theatre. In many Japanese F&B outlets which are often patronized, the kitchen is placed always upfront, so diners can even view it. This not only applies to big ones but equally to tiny snack outlets as well. Food is prepared with great flair by trained chefs, impressing diners with their culinary excellence, and the best example is Tokyo Tina in Australia. When you visit the restaurant you feel as if you are sitting in Tokyo itself.


  • Shop designs & packaging

Another remarkable dimension of Japanese cuisine that makes it stand out as well as loved by most food lovers is the way it is packaged. Most artificial “samples” of food could be found in their glass display in most restaurants, though the packaging of snack foods is generally elegant and exquisite.

 If you are interested in enjoying the best Japanese cuisine in Windsor, Australia, do a reservation at Tokyo Tina, one of the finest and most popular restaurants. They not only offer private dining rooms but also takeaway options as well.

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