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Simple Aspects Of Designing And Managing A Restaurant Website!

Many restaurateurs find no reason to invest in a website. However, the truth is most people are likely to check for restaurant reviews, menu, and other details online before planning their first visit. Having a restaurant website also has other benefits. You can share about special events, menu inclusions, can take orders online, and also ensure that your restaurant remains social-media worthy. The good part is you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your restaurant website up and running. Below is an overview of how to build a website, with aspects related to restaurant web design.

Get the basics right

The foremost step is to have a domain for your restaurant, and ideally, it should be the name of the place. For example, if your restaurant is called “fiesta”, you may want something like “”, or “”. The idea is to keep the domain name as relevant as possible. Go for .com domain, or select one for the region. The next step is to select a hosting plan, and you would want to ensure that the plan includes unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and assured uptime. You can consider HostGator or BlueHost as one of the options.

Go for WordPress

Selecting the right Content Management System for CMS for your restaurant website is particularly important, because it determines how you eventually manage the portal. If simplicity and flexibility are things you seek, it is hard to beat WordPress, which has one of the most reliable communities, and more importantly, you have all the plug-ins required to build a functional website. The best part is WordPress sites are pretty easy to manage.

Creating a good design

Eventually, a customer would see the front end of the website, and it goes without saying that restaurant sites need to be appetizing. You may want to tone down the use of many colors, and often, these niche websites have black or brown background, which helps in highlighting the saturated colors. Secondly, you need to consider the font, which must be creative but not twisted enough to impact readability. It also makes sense to have a blog and ‘contact us’ page on the website, even if your restaurant doesn’t accept orders online. Make sure that the menu is elaborate and the customer doesn’t have to scroll too much to read everything.

Check online now to find ready themes for restaurants, and if you like one, paying a tad more is never a bad idea.

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