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Six Tips to Help you Plan a Successful Super Bowl Get-Together

Okay, so teams have secured their spots in the Super Bowl. Now what? Of course, it is time to plan your get-together. This year, if you want something new and unique, consider starting your shopping list with Mambo Chelada products. The Super Bowl is not an ordinary day so you might want to boost the flavor of your beer.

If you are looking to throw a fun, affordable party that celebrates America’s big game, consider the following tips:

Prepare to Represent Teams by Color

If your guests are rooting for a certain team, tell them to bring their own spirit items. Remind them to wear team jerseys or colors. Put a few beer bottles inside football koozies you can use for decorating the main table.  In terms of colors, your Micheladas will be a winner. Also, you may offer game-themed coasters or cover tables in team colors.

Take Care of the Beer

Even if you will have a BYOP party, you will be providing the beer being the host. Consider offering some Michelada cups to add to the festive atmosphere. Also, make sure to offer water and beverage options that have no alcohol.

Coolers and tubs of ice let you have beers and waters unpacked, chilled, and ready to drink. Make sure to have a bottle opener ready.

Prepare Football-Themed Desserts

A football-themed cake or a dessert that incorporates the colors of the teams would be perfect. Create football-shaped cookies and pipe frosting laces on them. Set these desserts up in a football-themed dessert table.

Personalize Drink Cups

Give options to personalize drink cups. You can buy disposable cups that let you etch your names directly on the cups by using your fingernails. If you don’t like this option, get some ideas from your guests.

Prepare Stuff for Kids

If your guests bring their kids along, ensure there are activities for them. These include games and easy football-themed art projects.

Send Out Email Invitations

This will let you have a good count of the number of small plates, napkins, and glasses to prepare. If you would want your guests to bring food or beer, let them know in the invitation. Asking a few close friends to offer specific food items or coming early on game day to pitch in with food prep will give you greater control over the menu. Also, remember to include menu items that you can make the day before the big game.

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