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Surprising Your Partner With A Birthday Treat In Bangkok

If you are soon to be travelling to Bangkok and it will coincide with your partner’s birthday, you can plan a memorable birthday for them that they will not forget. There are a lot of things that you can do to celebrate their birthday, which will leave them feeling spoilt rotten. Below are some of the things you may wish to plan to celebrate their birthday to ensure you both have a fantastic time when you visit.

Select A Fantastic Hotel

When it comes to booking a hotel, your money will go a lot further in Bangkok so you can most likely afford some 5-star luxury and stay in one of the many luxurious hotels that Bangkok has to offer. You may be able to afford a suite and show your partner how much you care about them and celebrate their birthday in style.

Book A Michelin Star Restaurant

When it comes to planning the evening of their special day, what better way to celebrate than enjoying some delicious food at a Michelin star restaurant? When it comes to finding a luxury Thai restaurant, Thailand and Bangkok have plenty of choices available. When you make your reservation, you should also let them know that it is a birthday celebration, and they may be able to go that extra mile and ensure that it is an unforgettable evening.

A Morning Of Shopping

If your partner loves to shop, then you can take them out shopping on the morning of their birthday and let them buy some fabulous new clothes that they can wear for the celebrations in the evening. There are many shopping malls throughout the city, with various shops, including designer fashion brands. After your shopping, grab some lunch, and then you can enjoy an afternoon in the spa and get ready for your evening celebrations.

A Relaxing Afternoon In The Spa

The perfect way to get yourself ready for the evening celebrations is to spend an afternoon in a spa. Many of the 5-star hotels will also have a variety of spa treatments on offer, and it is an excellent way to relax before heading out and painting the twon red. You can enjoy a variety of treatments, including:

  • An Oil Massage
  • A Traditional Thai Massage
  • A Foot Massage
  • A Head & Back Massage
  • A Pedicure
  • A Manicure
  • A Swedish Massage

You can select the treatments you want to experience and then spend the afternoon relaxing before heading back to your room and getting ready to go out for the evening. When you take the time and make an effort to plan a memorable evening in Bangkok to celebrate your partner’s birthday, you can ensure that they have a fantastic time and will remember their birthday for a long time to come.

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